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The Sun Apologizes To Adele For The False Story

Back in October the British magazine The Sun published a ‘Rumour has it’ story that said the diva was spending a night together with Chris Brown.

According to the publication’s story retraction, that never happened and they ended up paying damages to Adele for lying on her name. Meanwhile Chris Brown was in Europe to see his son Aeko, who was living in Germany with Ammika Harris, who moved there prior to the pandemic. Chris was not able to see his son for months, making a pitstop in London to see what he had missed for the last decade. His trip. however did not include a stop at Adele’s home.

Adele and Chris Brown Gossip Was False

Adele then demands an apology from this tabloid, and as a retribution, The Sun issued a public statement to Adele apologizing for the ‘distress’ they have caused her.

On 11 and 12 October we reported that Chris Brown paid a late night visit to Adele at her home in London,” the news outlet wrote in a new article titled “Adele – an apology“. The site also noted: “In fact Adele has only met Chris Brown once, at the Grammy Awards, several years ago.

We accept that our article was incorrect and a breach of her privacy. We have paid damages to Adele and we apologize to her for the distress we have caused her,” the site went on adding. However, they did not mention any info specifying the monetary compensation that they’ve paid to the singer if there was, besides the public apology they made.

Fans made a joke that Adele didn’t either need to make music or release albums because money kept coming to her.