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What Are The Six High Points Of Keith Urban’s Life?

Keith Lionel Urban AO (born 26 October 1967) is an Australian singer, songwriter and record producer. He has released a total of eleven studio albums (one of which was released only in Australia), as well as one album with The Ranch. He has charted 37 singles on the US Hot Country Songs chart, 18 of which went to number one, counting a duet with Brad Paisley (“Start a Band”) and the 2008 single “You Look Good in My Shirt”, which he previously recorded on Golden Road. Those also include his third Grammy Award-winning single “Sweet Thing” from his album Defying Gravity.

At the age of 53, Keith Urban is so much blessed with very successful music career as well as a happy marriage with Hollywood famous star Nicole Kidman. When he caught up with the Storme Warren Podcast on SiriusXM, he was able to come up with a list of six high points in his life. What are they? Let’s check below:

  1. “Meeting Nic and marrying her.”
  2. “Having children.”
  3. “Getting sober.”
  4. “Being accepted in Nashville, because from a professional standpoint that was it for me.”
  5. “In 2005, when I was nominated at the CMAs for Male Vocal and Entertainer of the Year in the same year and won them both, it was too overwhelming to me.”
  6. “Being honored again (with that) years later. I’m speechless about that.”

According to the singer, the above high points were not in any particular order because they are all equally on point. Howerver, he admited that he was terrified that he’d done so soon when he won the CMA for Entertainer, and it had only been five years since his debut single “But for the Grace of God.” He continued to say: “I didn’t have that relationship, but I wanted to have that kind of relationship. So those songs were really songs of wishing and hoping and praying that I could become that guy, sort of like almost visualizing that I am that before I was. And then after I met Nic,” he said of his wife of nearly 15 years Nicole Kidman, “that slow transition into actually becoming that person was when that happened.”

EXCLUSIVE: Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman at church on the Sunday before Christmas Eve in Sydney. Photo via Mega Agency

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